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Why do I have to pay Custom Duty?

Customs & Duties

Customs Duty is a charge imposed on goods crossing international borders, aimed at safeguarding a country's economy, residents, and environment. When ordering products online globally, customs clearance is necessary for processing shipments through customs. This clearance depends on factors like the country of origin, the value including transport charges, and the quantity of goods.

Each country has its own customs laws and duty rates based on various criteria. Importantly, any international courier carrying order packages must comply with local customs regulations, and recipients are responsible for paying customs duties upon arrival.

Here's what you need to know:

Payment Responsibility: Customers are responsible for paying customs duties, taxes, and other import charges as per local regulations. This is not handled by the shipping carrier like DHL.

Gift Shipments: Even if a shipment is marked as a gift, it still undergoes import procedures according to the destination country's customs laws. Customs duties and taxes apply based on the shipment's value, regardless of its purpose.

Customs Assessment: Duties and taxes are determined by customs authorities upon the parcel's arrival, considering factors like declared value and contents. Charges may not apply to all goods or countries.

Delivery Guarantee: While endeavors to deliver packages to customers' e responsible for paying duties and clearing the shipment.

Refusal of Charges: If customers refuse to pay customs charges upon delivery, reserves the right to retrieve the package and deduct applicable charges from any refunds.

It's essential for customers to be aware of potential customs duties and their responsibility for clearance to avoid any delays or additional charges upon delivery.