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What is the Difference Between Traditional and Modern Furniture Styles?

Furniture designs fill the void in our homes and offices with an additional touch of style and aura. Everyone wants their comfort space to look chic, which is possible by adding traditional and modern furniture styles.

Color, texture, material, and personal preference play a critical role in choosing the right furniture. You can choose traditional or modern styles- whatever suits your budget and needs.

If you are looking forward to buying furniture, here's something you need to know before taking the big step. Let's dig into this!

 Difference between traditional and modern style furniture

 Traditional style furniture is designed along the lines of the 19th century or earlier aura. It is marked distinctively with dark and heavy wood that exudes nostalgia. Traditional furniture tends to be large and heavy with a unique rustic feel. It does add a great deal of class and elegance to a space. Large pieces of traditional furniture are complemented with antiques and retro decor that take us back to the old times. It is an eye-grabber for guests because we don't get to see traditional furniture as often. Before buying, don't forget that traditional furniture is exclusive to large spaces.

Furniture designs created after the 19th century are regarded as modern-style furniture. It generally gives a sophisticated look due to its sleek design. Modern style furniture is an amalgamation of bright colours, light fabric, and new materials. It has a minimalist aura that doesn't look heavy in rooms. In contrast to traditional furniture, modern furniture doesn't comprise wood. It is used to make accent pieces, usually made of plastic and metal. While it adds immense value to your property, you can install modern furniture in patios, yards, and decks.

Can I combine traditional furniture with modern furniture?

Both modern and traditional style furniture have their perks. While the latter exudes a great deal of royalty, the former looks elegant and chic. It is hard to choose anyone. Some interior designers believe that both styles should not be combined.

But why not?

Understandably, a heavy and light furniture combo might not fit well. But what if you are choosing the right furniture?

It's a world of possibilities, and you can create an excellent look by combining traditional and modern furniture. You have to execute an art by making the right choices. Start visualizing what you want. Make a list and search for the perfect furniture combo. You can create a balance without going over the board, but it's magnificent if one style dominates the other.

How do I combine traditional furniture with modern furniture?

Home décor is fun with a fusion of modern and traditional outlooks. You could pair a modern table with clean lines and a white top with a velvet couch. Traditional chandeliers and heavily patterned curtains look classic in a teak dining room. White or ivory coloured walls paired with heavy furniture look impeccable.

You can experiment a little and form harmony or contrast.

Harmony is a blend of modern and traditional styles that add a calm touch to your home. You can achieve it by mixing modern wood furniture with a conventional mantlepiece.

Contrast is all about going bold with colours. You can add sculptures or 3D paintings along metal tables contrasting against the white walls.

What are the characteristics of Traditional and Modern Style Furniture?

Traditional Furniture

Traditional furniture styles are an ode to old craftsmanship. Its elaborate carvings and thick woods bring a sense of grandeur. Here are some basic traditional furniture features that distinguish it from contemporary styles.

  • Regal and grand
  • Represent royalty and grandeur
  • Gracefully carved in curves and fluid lines
  • Marked with an antique look


Modern Furniture

Modern furniture believes in the concept, 'less is more.' Here are some basic modern style furniture features you should look out for before making a purchase.

  • Strong profiles with simple lines
  • Smooth surfaces
  • Gentle structure
  • More about comfort rather than outlook
  • It exudes simplicity without any adornments
Things to remember before buying furniture:

 Figure out space

Furniture is like a drape that covers your room. But that doesn't mean you stuff a room with bulky furniture or leave extra space that could be covered easily. Analyze the room area and choose what space needs to be covered or not. Place the right size of furniture in the right place for better results.

Check the trends

It is always better to stay in touch with trends. Keeping up with trends can be tricky, considering how they change often. But you must make sure that your furniture doesn't look outdated. While following a trend, do figure out its credibility. Choose furniture designs that are both useful and classy to last years.

Don't be impulsive.

You won't be buying furniture every other day. It isn't practical and extremely expensive. Just because a friend brought a modern-style couch, you don't have to change it for an ottoman. Impulsive buying could lead to reckless decisions. Think twice before buying anything.

 Prioritize your needs

It doesn't matter what others want or think. If you need four chairs in the dining hall, go and buy them. If you do not need a coffee table, don't waste money on it. Furniture choices aren't made every other day. Be reasonable and make smart choices. You can buy some accent pieces for a longer time run. Invest in traditional furniture that runs for a longer period rather than plastic chairs or pieces that aren't useful after some years. Don't choose furniture that can be dangerous for your toddlers for safety concerns.

 Wrapping up

Whether you are going for modern or traditional, both styles have their usefulness and aura. It is always about making the right choice at the right time. Once you get your furniture installed at home, don't forget to treat it with care. Don't use it rough or leave it undusted for weeks. Furniture hygiene is equally important. Good luck with the shopping spree


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