Choosing/acquiring pieces big or small for home made easier –


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Choosing/acquiring pieces big or small for home made easier

Now! This process has become easier through, a premium online store that sells furniture in Pakistan. It doesn’t matter if you have small rooms or larger ones; Chahyay is Pakistan’s leading gateway for all your furniture essentials.

Initiated in Lahore, Pakistan in 2018, founded by two young entrepreneurs, Chahyay indeed is considered as one of the leading furniture brands portal in Pakistan; featuring furniture ranging from beds and dressing tables to study tables and mattresses at the lowest price of any online furniture store. With over 200+ vetted and qualified local Pakistani vendors, addressing all categories of furniture and home accessories including; cupboards, rugs, stands, sofas, computer tables, office furniture, study tables, dining tables, and much more. Focused on an Excellent Customer Experience as well as highly Secure Digital Payments availability, customers can order without the worry of their private information being shared.

Speaking on the acquisition of Chahyay, team Chahyay has said “Our goal is to create a new industry standard based on an excellent customer experience using innovative technology solutions combined with local trusted expertise. With this standard in place, we plan to expand operations and product offerings across Pakistan as all products meet international high quality control standards that have been put in place by experienced professionals. and eventually globally.”

Chahyay features a highly experienced logistics team able to deliver products to every part of Pakistan, guaranteeing highest quality labor from skilled local Pakistani craftsmen. Looking to expand further, the e-commerce marketplace will be launching a mobile application, focusing on Augmented Reality by placing furniture within your home virtually – making patrons shopping experience more comfortable as well as provide a whole new user experience.

Over the course of 18 months, Chahyay was able to successfully establish an online e-commerce marketplace for high quality Pakistani manufactured furniture and by developing a nationwide logistics network, were able to provide these products to customers all over Pakistan. An American Investment Firm, Strategic Insights Group (SIG) funded Chahyay’s growth in late 2020 and their management team have been working to transform Chahyay’s business model to scale up and across verticals. SIG sees great potential in Pakistan’s future for e-commerce and has indicated they are exploring multiple investment opportunities with startups in Pakistan.

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